...... understand how the intention to establish a specialty child health care center impacts life of children.  How they get inspired for life.  Why the founders...."We"..... intend to make it their life mission......

Adip Got Inspired for life

"I will become a doctor and one day I will treat the same doctors that treated me"

At the age of 2, Adip was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease and operated when he was four years old. His low-income family lives near Pokhara, a relatively large city, that doesn’t offer the right facilities for the care Adip needed. So the family had to travel for days to Kathmandu to save Adip’s life and asked relatives and friends for loans. After a successful operation, Adip and his family needed to come back annually for check-ups but it was only two years after the operation they had saved enough money to come back to Kathmandu for a check-up.The costs for families could be so much lower if KIOCH could provide these facilities to the rurals.

Meet Amrat

4 year old Amrat is diagnosed with blood cancer and has been getting the right treatment for the past months.
Some doctors diagnosed his disease as a kidney problem, others said it was typhoid. No one could provide him with the right diagnosis. The only result was the insane amount of money they had spent and Amrat was still not treated.
As a last resort they traveled to the Kanti’s Children Hospital in Kathmandu. Amrat needs scheduled  therapies and regular follow-ups so his mom and Amrat’s 3 months old brother can stay with him in the care home, as a family.

Meet Aliza

Ten year old Aliza, from a rural area, heard she had a hole in her heart. For people from rural areas, operations costs are not the only problematic expenses. As they have to travel far and have to pay expenses like transportation, housing, food and other expenses to stay in Kathmandu, it makes it seem almost impossible to get treatment.Finally they approached dr. Bhagawan Koirala, who performed the surgery, as the hospital had a scheme for children to do heart surgery free of costs. The hole in her heart is fixed and she is quite healthy.Only sixteen days after the operation she is able to go to school again.