As an Expert

Improvement of child health care is not sufficient only by the involvement of direct care providers. Running a child health care system will require all the expertise, including clinical, administrative, technical, logistics and philanthropic. A sound health care system demands a coordinated input from everyone involved. Please get in touch with us to share your expertise as a clinician, research scientist, health care staff or expert, philanthropist, social worker, planner etc.

We'd love to work with you.


As an individual

If you would like to be promote the mission and vision of KPALS and KIOCH, please get in touch with the KPALS or KIOCH team. 

as an organization

KPALS works as a facilitator liaison for non-profit organizations, corporations and academic institutions to coordinate working together with Kathmandu Institute of Child Health in Nepal. Please let us know if your institution would like to be involved in this mission.

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